One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of my stepping into the role of superintendent.  What a year it has been.  I have seen tremendous growth and commitment from our staff in the area of collaboration and continuous improvement.  We are slowly, but surely shifting the focus from basic skills to the 4 C’s – Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.  Not only was this year a transition for me, but also for the state and education in general.  New state-wide assessments have been implemented and it has been bumpy.  We believe in using data to improve instruction, but it should not be based on a single assessment.  Along with a variety of assessments, the assessments are dynamic and integrated within a lesson.  The most basic assessment is a verbal question that allows time for students to think, walk through a process of problem solving and receive immediate feedback. Assessments don’t have to be tests nor do they have to be high stakes.  I am looking forward to the efforts of our staff to create a more meaningful assessment and accountability system that provides students more relevance to improve learning.

Our district has always been focused on the individual student.  Through collaboration, a focus on continuous improvement and a commitment to establishing positive relationships with students, I have no doubt our district will take the next steps toward excellence and preparing students for their future.  This may have to be done with fewer resources in the near term, but it is the right thing to do for our kids.

I am looking forward to the next year in my tenure as superintendent of our fantastic school district!

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