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1st Quarter Update

1st Quarter update October 2015 The leaves are falling and the air is getting chillier. This is my favorite time of the year as we transition from summer to winter in Alaska. It also is a transition for our schools. This year, after an excellent start, our district is continuing its transition to meet the […]
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Engagement, Assessment, AMP

As you know, I have only been able to provide periodic updates to this blog.  I have decided that this forum will become the way I will house all of my communications that occur through out the district.  You will see my presentations to the Assembly, Chambers and other entities.  You will see the quarterly […]
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Beginning again

The start of the new school year is upon us!  School administrators have come back to prepare to open our schools.  Teachers and support staff will soon return to prepare for all of their students too.  In reflecting back on last school year and what could be in store for our district this year, I […]
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More with Relevance

Over the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to talk with several of our high school students.  They have provided me some resources through youtube and web articles that have helped me understand that providing a relevant education for them is extremely important. In speaking with students, they truly want more than to […]
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Unfortunately it has been a long time since I have utilized this method of communication.  Since my last post, I have been busy communicating through many different means, but most importantly through face-to-face opportunities.  It has become very clear to me in my short time as superintendent that writing is important, but being available to […]
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With the inevitable turnover of principals in our schools comes reflection on the characteristics of an effective instructional leader.  I am fortunate to work in a school district that offers many examples of great leaders and not all of them are school principals.  I have learned that leadership is not defined by position.  I believe […]
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Over the last few years the concept of the flipped classroom has come to the forefront.  Technology has allowed many educators to move some aspects of their instruction into homework.  For many this has meant moving lectures online. Ideally this leads to differentiation in the classroom and allows learners to have control over the online […]
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Hello!  I am sure some readers of this blog may have wondered if the new KPBSD superintendent would continue publishing an update.  Now that I have settled in, the answer is yes.  I have come to value the communication posted here and believe it has provided excellent insights relevant to our district’s current status. With […]
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Last Blog

About a month ago, some of the public on the central peninsula were on edge because a district employee was returning to work after being in Africa. With the Ebola scare in full swing, these folks were concerned that the employee might be infectious with the virus. Today, with few confirmed cases of Ebola in […]
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Traditionalists and Expansionists

I read an interesting article this morning on two different approaches to conserve our wilderness that are being taken in response to climate change. The new conservationists are being proactive by moving species to new ranges and using nonnative species as stand-ins for those that have become extinct. The old conservationists who want to protect, […]
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