Path to Personalized Learning

Our District is working hard to tie all of our current best practices together to form a coherent and consistent instructional learning environment for all of our students.  We refer to this as personalized learning.  I wrote on this topic last month and believe it is important to revisit and expand on it this month.  Some believe we are simply buying another program and I think this belief is the furthest from the truth as you can get.  What we are buying is high quality professional learning for our staff.  What we are doing is bringing together the tools of collaboration, canvas, blended learning, personalized learning portfolios, differentiation and the fundamental concept of strong, positive relationships with students to provide students what they need when they need it.  All of this adds up to an excellent educational experience every day for every student in our district.

We are developing a page to answer questions about this philosophy and provide information on the people who will support us in this journey.  We have a great opportunity to bring together the good things we do every day to systematically provide a great learning environment for our students.  Please look at these sites for a detailed look at our vision and get your questions answered:

We are moving forward with our efforts in meeting student needs effectively and efficiently and I am very excited about it.  I look forward to working closely with staff to make this personalized learning environment a reality for all of our students in the very near future.

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