Results and Improvement

Over the first quarter of this school year I have had the opportunity to visit many of our schools and speak with many different organizations.  What I have found is that there is wide-spread support of our schools and many student successes to celebrate.  Even though there is solid support and positive results, there is also much work to do.  I am proud that the staff has embraced the attitude of continuous improvement as there is an eagerness to get better at the art and science of teaching.  It is clear that good is not good enough for our kids.  With rapid changes occurring in our state, country and world we must do our best to prepare our students for their future.  Innovation, problem solving, effort, creativity and persistence are critical attributes of contributing members of our society.  I have been able to share specific examples of our students demonstrating these attributes in our KPBSD classrooms and after our students graduate.  Our staff is deepening their instructional tool box through a focus on meeting individual student needs that are rigorous and relevant.  Students are included in the ownership of learning and able to apply their academic foundation to real problems they are already encountering outside the classroom.  While we have some performance indicators that need attention, we are also moving forward as demonstrated by our students’ accomplishments and staff efforts to improve.  I am proud of this school district and believe the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is providing a quality education for our students.  I look forward to sharing more accomplishments and improvement efforts through a wide variety of mediums including Facebook Live, Coffee with the Superintendent, Community Presentations, Twitter and this Blog.  If you would like to see some of what I have reported so far this year please take a look at: Have a great second quarter!

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