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About a month ago, some of the public on the central peninsula were on edge because a district employee was returning to work after being in Africa. With the Ebola scare in full swing, these folks were concerned that the employee might be infectious with the virus. Today, with few confirmed cases of Ebola in our country and with a better understanding of the virus, such a reaction would probably not happen. I share this to emphasize the importance of good information as a basis for forming an opinion, and to reflect on my blog that was intended to help do just this.

On most Saturday mornings for the past five years, I was in the office writing my blog. While the exercise was at times tedious, overall, it was a great way for me to share thoughts on some of what I read that week or to comment on a pressing issue or interesting district event. My blog’s weekly readership fluctuated from a high of more than 200 to a low of 12 a couple of summers ago. I trust that my thoughts caused the reader to think a little more critically about education and to use the information to be better informed about our schools.

As I close the door on this blog, I want to thank all of the various groups that make our district so special.

  • To the KPBSD staff thank you for your tireless effort to educate our students. The K-12 education roller coaster has never become too steep due to your commitment to our students.
  • To the parents and community members, thank you for your support of our schools and thanks for your willingness to gather all the facts before forming an opinion.
  • To our school board, thanks for supporting me as we navigated the waters of change to offer our students a world class education. I encourage you to stay the course.
  • To the students, I trust that you recognize how good our schools are and that the staff and community support for your education is solid.

I look forward to working with KPBSD in my new position as the Associate Vice President for K-12 Outreach at the University of Alaska. I know that the district’s foundation is solid and that KPBSD will continue to be looked to as a leader in our state.

Steve Atwater


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    Thank you, Dr. Atwater, for your leadership at KPBSD these past years. We are an even stronger district because of your vision of excellence for all of us. Best to you at UAA!

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