Hello!  I am sure some readers of this blog may have wondered if the new KPBSD superintendent would continue publishing an update.  Now that I have settled in, the answer is yes.  I have come to value the communication posted here and believe it has provided excellent insights relevant to our district’s current status.

With that being said, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sean Dusek and I am honored to be in the role of superintendent for our district.  I am proud to have over 22 years of experience in this district.   Throughout my journey I have learned a great deal about people and myself.  Through the years, preparing students for their future has become my highest priority.  The world has changed so much since I started my student teaching at Skyview High School in 1991.  While society has always changed, it is the pace of change along with the massive amount of instantaneous information that has amazed me.  What hasn’t changed though, in my opinion, are requisite skills all students can develop for success in the future.  Those skills are critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and working well with others.

Our schools do a good job developing a foundation of academic skills.  We must not lose sight of developing the “success” skills I reference above.  In order for us to develop these skills we must remain committed to applying academic knowledge to unfamiliar projects, provide creative opportunities in the arts, career/tech, and physical activities, allow students to work together with taught expectations and provide safe outlets for student voice through  meaningful speaking, writing and listening experiences.

My goal is to communicate through this forum weekly on a variety of topics with a focus on student success skills.  I look forward to serving the students, staff and communities of the district.  Thank you for reading!

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