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As we embark on one of the most important legislative sessions in the history of our state, it is important to remember all of the opportunities we have in front of us.  The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) has many stories of excellence to share and I am certain that is true in all school districts in Alaska.  Now is the opportunity to share those stories in a meaningful way that will stick with our state leaders and communities.  Now is the time to gather local community leaders to be a part of telling these stories.

For example, many people living on the Peninsula are graduates of our system.  They are sending their sons and daughters to the same system which prepared them for their careers.  This is an important cycle to recognize and honor.  Also, while education and the expectations for students have increased over time, what students always remember is the great teacher or staff member who made a positive impact on them through a caring relationship.  These are the stories to tell – the collaboration between student and staff that made a difference.

To tell our tale, KPBSD is utilizing, what we call, Key Communicators.  This body is made up of over 80 leaders across our district, many of whom are KPBSD graduates.  These leaders let us know what we do well and, also, how to improve.  They are fostering our culture of continuous advancement and they understand the real impact public education has in their communities.  They are committed to engaging with schools and state leaders to tell the story of public education on the Peninsula.  Numbers and data only tell a part of the story.  Our Key Communicators will share KPBSD results through actual experiences of extended learning, positive relationships, and student projects of great impact.  It is with great pride that we are seeing how this group of leaders is taking the opportunity to tell our story.  The results of our communication effort will speak for themselves, especially as we see pride grow, within our communities, for the schools that serve them.

Although this is a challenging time for education, this challenge presents a great opening for us to shine.  Let’s make the very best of this opportunity by sharing with state decision makers, that which truly makes public education in Alaska excellent!

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