It is that time of the year where the district has a foot in two worlds.  We are working hard to have a strong finish to the current school year and at the same time prepare for next school year.  We are fortunate that we have a great staff at our schools who are working to stay in the present with their students.  We also have a great staff at the district who is able to support our school staff while putting together the framework for next year.  This can only be done through great effort and a commitment to process performance management.

Our district has many processes in place, with the most visible one being the budget process.  It is exceptionally transparent with many opportunities for input.  Another process we have in place that many people see on a regular basis is staffing.  We have staffing formulas in place to provide equity in our schools.  The goal is for like sized schools to have similar programs.  There is flexibility in what programs are offered where through community input.  From the district perspective, staffing is dedicated to struggling learners and programs geared toward personalization for student engagement.  In the end though, what is offered at individual sites is up to the school itself.

As we make the transition from this school year to the next, please work with your site principal on what is important to your community.  As we look to become more efficient, priorities must be set at each school.  Some decisions will be difficult, but individual community values are reflected in our schools.  I believe our diversity and site level management are the biggest strengths our district has to meet the individual needs of our children.


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