Up and Running!

We are now 3 weeks into the school year and it looks like another successful start.  Our enrollment is slowly climbing to what we anticipated and our schools are focused on the 3 R’s – Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.  This is the time of year where there is a great deal of optimism.  My goal is to infuse optimism in our schools the entire year even though there will be significant challenges to be addressed.

Our budget process has already started and we are continuing to find efficient ways to serve students, parents and staff across the district.  Technology has been very helpful, especially with professional development.  We conducted our district-wide in-service electronically this year and the format was well received by staff.  As we refine this format, we anticipate that teachers will be able to collaborate and learn from each other using technology.  Travel and distance are no longer roadblocks to improving instruction.  We are also excited about how blended learning opportunities are becoming more prevalent in our classrooms.  Quality teaching is delivered everywhere to students which further enhances rigor and relevance for all.

As we move through the budgeting process, we look forward to hearing from all of our stakeholders to help our schools meet the funding challenges we are certain to encounter.  I look upon these challenges as opportunities to re-think how we do business and improve upon the already good system that we have in place.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve this school district and look forward to working with all of our stakeholders productively!

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