The First Lap

As we move through the school year, the 1st quarter has come to an end.  Some say the school year is a marathon, but it feels more like a mile race.  It feels long, but each lap actually goes by very quickly, especially when you are in shape and fully prepared.  Our staff is in shape and fully prepared.  We continue to see more of our staff recognized for their excellence, including two finalists for the Alaska Teacher of the year!  Congratulations go out to Stephanie Cronin of Seward HS and James Harris of Soldotna HS.  They are both excellent representatives of our district and truly deserve the recognition.

In visiting many of our schools during the first quarter, students are truly engaged in their learning.  It is wonderful to see students develop projects that benefit the community at large.  There are several fundraisers led by students and more students are providing their voice on many local boards.  I am so impressed with how our staff has worked to provide meaningful opportunities for our students.  We all work very hard to develop rigorous and relevant experiences that extend student learning to guide our students to meet much higher expectations.

As we move into the next “lap” of our school year, I know that our staff will continue its focus on what is best for students in the classroom.  We all will have many opportunities to demonstrate leadership, grit and persistence while dealing with many uncertainties at the state level.  I look forward to working with all of our stakeholders while our students continue to learn at high levels at our schools. As we know, the race is not given to the swift, but to those who endure to the end.

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